• Payment cards

    • Business cards are intended for private and public companies, joint stock companies, independent stores, associations and others who want to dispose of their funds 24 hours a day with total control of spending. In addition, the intended and those legal entities that perform frequent cash payments to the cashier of the Bank.

      By using these cards, you will significantly reduce the need for cash handling, both at home and abroad. Pay the cost of business travels, tolls, business meals and hotel accommodation with Master Card or VISA Business Card. Do not think about cash or exchange offices. Pay goods and services in the currency of the country where you are with MasterCard or Visa Business card of Nova banka without transaction fee, and your account will be debited in BAM. Cards provide practical and convenient online payment.

      How to register?

      A prerequisite for obtaining MasterCard and Visa Business debit card is an open transaction account in Nova banka. The Bank issues card upon request, to the persons specified in the request for issuance, which is verified by the authorized person.

      What types of Business cards Nova banka issues?

      Nova banka issues two types of Business cards: 

      • MasterCard Business
      • VISA Business Card

      The cards can be issued in a set or individually.