• Deposits

    • Recognizing the needs of its clients, Nova banka has developed a full range of deposit products. The bank has signed a contract with the Deposit Insurance Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nova banka offers its clients a very favorable interest rates on deposits, which depend on the amount and the period in which they are deposited.

      We offer the following deposit services:

      • Demand deposits
      • Short-term deposits
      • 30-day term deposits
      • 60-day term deposits
      • 90-day term deposits
      • 6-month term deposits
      • 12-month term deposits
      • Long-term deposits
      • 13-month term deposits
      • 18-month term deposits
      • 24-month term deposits
      • 36-month term deposits
      • Over 36-month term deposits

      As for the types of term deposits, according to the mode of payment of interest Nova banka offers:

      • Term deposits with interest payment at the expiration of such term
      • Annuity deposits with interest payment before the expiration of such term (monthly, quarterly, annually)
      • Calculation of interest on demand deposits is done monthly, and accrual annually.

      The funds can be deposited in BAM, EUR (Euro), USD (United States Dollar), CHF (Swiss Franc), AUD (Australian Dollar), CAD (Canadian Dollar), DKK (Danish Krone), JPY (Japanese yen), NOK (Norwegian Krone), SEK (Swedish Krona) and GBP (British Pound).

      The bank will calculate interests on all deposits by using the method of conformable interest rates, in accordance with the applicable regulations governing this area.