• Payment instructions

      • Foreign payments
    • Nova banka performs foreign payments on behalf of its clients, domestic and foreign natural and legal persons, on all grounds and with all countries of the world through a network of its correspondents. Orders received at the counters of our branches are executed in a short time on the same day with value date of 48 hours the latest or according to agreed value date, and we also offer our clients the possibility of free of charge service - swift on your e-mail address. We pay out inflows from abroad on the day when our account is credited.

      In addition to foreign currency remittances, foreign payments also include documentary letters of credit, documentary collection, guarantees, collection of checks as well as issuance of checks of Nova banka.

      Documentary letters of credit

      represent the safest instrument of foreign payments that equally protects both the buyer (importer) and the seller (exporter).

      Documentary letter of credit is a payment instrument by which the Bank, which issues it at the request of its client, undertakes to pay a certain amount of money to the user of the letter of credit provided that the documents specified in the letter of credit are delivered within the set deadline.

      Documentary collection - collection operations

      are operations where the Bank receives and sends the documents (collection materials) directly or through its correspondents for the redemption or collection by charging or crediting its client's account.

      Nova banka issues the following types of guarantees towards foreign countries

      • Payment guarantees
      • Advance payment guarantees
      • Auction participation guarantees
      • Good performance guarantees.

      Collection of checks

      Nova banka accepts checks for collection and payment in the following currencies: EUR, USD, CHF and GBP.

      IBAN codes

      in order to ensure automatic processing of your payment orders, and thus avoid additional costs charged by correspondent bank, it is necessary that in addition to swift code for payment you also provide an accurate IBAN code - International Bank Account Number. IBAN is a series of alphanumeric characters that precisely identify the client's bank account anywhere in the world. The main objective of IBAN is to reduce errors by increasing the quality of information exchanged between the banks and accelerate international payments, i.e. allow automatic payment process.