Nova banka a.d. Banja Luka has been operational in the market of Bosna and Herzegovina since 1999 as one of the first privately owned banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since then until today, the Bank has grown into one of the leading banks in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Bank offers a wide portfolio of traditional documentary business, deposits and savings, payment transactions and money transfer, foreign exchange operations, etc.) but also performs a large number of primarily non-banking activities such as brokerage operations, custodian operations, factoring and forfeiting.


To be part of the largest domestic banking group that operates simply, safely and responsibly, to be a reliable partner and the Bank of first choice for our clients and employees.


We are a strong and reliable domestic bank, ready to grow together with its clients and their ideas, but also to support those who are just starting out. We direct our business in a simple, accessible and responsible way, so that care for people and economic progress are woven into our corporate values, and our activities confirm that we are a socially responsible partner of the community.


Values are a set of guiding principles and core beliefs that help people in an organization function together as a team and work toward a common business goal. Values are related to business relationships, employee relationships, customer relationships, and company growth. It is values that unite us and define our culture!

Client care

Client care is our top priority. Through our daily operations, we strive to build long-term good relationships.


Moral values and legal duties are important to us. We approach business ethically and professionally. We build relationships based on mutual trust, respecting other people's opinions and attitudes. Agreements are respected.

Employee development

Our employees are the key to successful business! We rely on internal knowledge; your ideas and initiatives are important for us to move forward. We invest in the development of teams and individual development of employees.


Only together can we reach the goal! "A team is not a group of people working together. A team is a group of people who trust each other" Simon Sinek.

Long-term partnership

We strive to establish mutually beneficial, caring relationships based on trust and a desire for mutual success by providing superior customer experience and service.

We provide our services

Through 64 business
At over 2000 POS
terminals for card payments
At 107 ATMs 24/7 via electronic and
mobile banking

We are proud to serve more than 200,000 clients

Basic information

Nova banka AD Banja Luka
Kralja Alfonsa XIII 37a
78 000 Banja Luka

Switchboard No: 051/333-300
Payment card support: 051/333-350
Free info phone: 080050011
Fax: 051/217-256, 051/241-915

Bank account:

Swift Code: NOBIBA22
MB: 1753312
JIB: 4400374890002
3-38-00 Banja Luka District Commercial Court

Email address:

Delivery of lists of personal income and suspensions:
E-mail address:
Fax: 051/241-965

Delivery of customer complaints:
E-mail address:

Media contact:
E-mail address:
Tel: 065/977-086



Contact us for more information:
0800 500 11