Broker Nova

As a part of Nova banka AD Banja Luka, Broker Nova is the founder and member of the Banja Luka Stock Exchange AD Banja Luka and a member and co-owner of the Central Registry of Securities AD Banja Luka since their establishment.

Under very favorable conditions, in a quality and safe manner, Broker Nova can offer its clients the following investment services:

Information on the prices of brokerage services can be found at the following link – Price list of Broker Nova services.

Contact information:

Nova banka AD Banja Luka, Branch Office for Trade in Securities "Broker Nova"
Headquarters: Kralja Alfonsa XIII 37A, Banja Luka
Court with which the subject is entered in the register and the number of the registration file:

Capital:  184.637.768 KM
Registration number: 1753312
Account numbers:

Name of the auditing company:  Grant Thornton d.o.o. Banja Luka
Information on the Securities Commission's license, with number, date of issue and expiration date:
License for brokerage and dealer operations number 05-UP-051-167/01, issued on April 19, 2001, valid until April 19, 2023.
Working hours: 08-16 hours (Monday-Friday)
Telephone: 051 333 325



Contact us for more information:
0800 500 11