Pay for everything with your mobile!

The mobile wallet is the present of modern banking as it offers speed, convenience and security for customers. The mobile wallet as part of the application on the mobile phone is never beyond the control of the user, so that at all times our clients know that they have a safe, reliable and functional solution in their hands.

As part of the Smart Nova mobile application, in the PAYMENTS section, the e-Wallet service is available to all Android phone users, which will enable customers to make contactless payments on POS devices using a mobile phone. 

To use the e-Wallet service, clients need to download the Smart Nova application, unless they have not already done so, and then with a few clicks digitize his Mastercard® card within the e-Wallet and enter the world of unlimited payments. The process itself is confirmed by the highest standards of security and safety prescribed by Mastercard as a global technology company in the field of payment industry.

All payments up to 60.00 BAM are enabled without unlocking the phone, while for payments in the amount of more than 60.00 BAM the client should unlock the phone, without starting the application.

A simple sequence of procedures for using the e-Wallet function can be found at the link.

To make it easier for you to use the eWallet functionality within the Smart Nova application, we have prepared a video tutorial that follows each step.

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